Eczema:  Remove the Triggers


 Having 3 of my own family members with eczema, I can certainly relate to the health  challenges that it presents.

As a mom who was determined to find the root causes and triggers of eczema, I was able to  make significant changes in my family’s environment and diet which has resulted in our two  sons no longer dealing with it.  My husband, on the other hand, though still struggles with it.    I firmly believe that eczema is a gateway to other issues.  In fact, I recently read that 50 to  70% of children with eczema develop asthma and this is definitely my husband’s story.  I  believe our two sons were spared the asthma diagnosis because, unlike their father, their eczema was successfully controlled as toddlers.

How can you control the symptoms of eczema?

You must remove the triggers.

What are possible triggers?

Laundry Detergent:  You and your laundry detergent spend the entire day together. Change to a brand of laundry detergent that is manufactured by a manufacturer that has committed to using safer ingredients.  Avoid mainstream free and clear detergents as while they may help improve the skin many have hidden carcinogenic ingredients.  You also want to use the same laundry detergent for the entire family because your detergent can become a trigger when your child comes in contact with your clothes while carrying them.

Soaps and Body Washes:  Consider shopping only from brands that guarantee safer ingredients.  Many mainstream brands use cheap preservatives such as Quaternium-15 which is a formaldehyde releaser, a known skin irritant and carcinogen.  What this means is that your “gentle” baby body wash may actually contain a cheap ingredient that is actually irritating your child’s skin.

Cleaning Products:  Many do not consider the impact of cleaning products. Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. If you are scrubbing your tub with harsh chemicals, these chemicals leave a residue in the tub and every time you bathe your child, his skin is being exposed to skin irritants.  In addition, every time you spray your countertops with harsh cleaners, when your child comes in contact with this surface, he is being exposed to skin irritants.  Change to greener brands or make your own.  See Natural Cleaning Tips for suggestions.

Diet:  A real food diet plan is recommended for everyone, but especially for those with symptoms of eczema.  Adjusting the diet to eliminate processed foods and possibly going gluten-free may be a necessary step.  Working with a dietitian  such as My Food Coach, Daphne Olivier, on an elimination diet is highly recommended.  Supplements such as Omega 3 Fish Oils, Probiotics, and Grape Seed Extracts have also been shown to improve the health of the skin.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that rather than seeking what I personally call “Band Aids” in the form of steroid creams and lotions, seek out the source and begin taking small steps towards removing these triggers.

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