Toxins and Gluten Sensitivities

Can Toxins Impact Gluten Sensitivities?


Gluten free diet concept   This week, I am attending an online Gluten Summit and I am totally overwhelmed by how        much information and research has been done on this compelling topic since I became a  registered dietitian in the 80’s.  I remember during my senior year of college our professor making  us highlight about four lines in our nutrition book regarding Celiac disease because this is one  of those obscure questions our registration exam may ask.  Fast forward twenty plus years  and the literature and research on these simple four lines has literally exploded!

While I am still learning about this important topic myself, one thing that caught my attention  this week as I am listening to all these doctors, researchers, and dietitians share their wealth of knowledge is that we can not discount the role of toxins in the development of gluten sensitivities.

When asked about this possible role, Dr. Michael Marsh, a leading gluten researcher, agreed that when one is prone to develop a gluten insensitivity, which unfortunately one does not usually know that, the exposure to toxins from the environment and from food may overtime be a catalyst towards the ultimate development of gluten sensitivities.

For those who are gluten sensitive, you should check out this website:  Gluten Intolerance Group .  There you will find a host of information to guide you.

Pull up their One Step At A Time educational print out and you will see that on step four there is reference to the value of ultimately converting to gluten free personal care products, medications, and more.

While gluten, as a protein, is too big to absorb through the skin, any open cut or wound does give gluten an entry point. If you have a small child who sucks their thumb or uses a pacifier that has been cleaned with a gluten-based cleaning product, there is always that possible ingestion from that point as well.

Ultimately, the recommendation to Live As Toxin Free as you can holds true for everyone and from what I can gather, gluten sensitivities are not diagnosed early enough and long term damage is usually underway by the time it is diagnosed.  Reducing the amount of toxins your body is exposed to may delay the onset of more serious health outcomes.

Can We Live Completely Toxin Free?

No, but we can choose to control what we can control.

We can control our food and household product purchases.

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