Can We Live Completely Toxin Free?

Can We Live Completely Toxin Free?


iStock_000025411832Small    As Acadiana’s Green Mom, I am often asked, “Is it possible to live completely toxin     free?”  The honest answer is “No”.

   Because we live in a TOXIC environment, we can only strive to reduce the number      of toxins we expose our ourselves to by controlling what we have the power to            control.

  We can’t control the outside air that we breathe. There will always be exhaust from     cars and there will always be pesticides sprayed over the crops we live near by.

  We can’t control the environment of places we visit.  Despite our efforts to choose      greener alternatives, friends, relatives, schools, and work places will more than  likely still be using products that are not so green.


So, What Can We Control?

  •  We can control the products we purchase for cleaning and doing laundry.
  •  We can control the products we purchase for bathing and personal care.
  •  We can control the food that we choose to eat.
  •  We can control the water that we chose to drink.


Set Your Body’s Detox Systems Up for Success

Your body is designed to handle a normal load of toxins.  We have numerous natural detoxification body systems that are set up perfectly to handle this all on its own.

The problem is that we are overexposed, and the body is unable to do its job.

Thus, we see the impact in the form of short-term health concerns such as asthma and even eczema to long-term health concerns such as cancer and many neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

So, if you control what you can control, you are setting up your body’s natural detoxification systems for success.

Stay Tuned For Future Posts

The first step to change is becoming more informed.

Our goal with Acadiana’s Green Moms is to help you as you begin your own journey towards living a greener lifestyle.

In future posts, I will elaborate more on the areas of your home that you can control. But, if you can’t wait, contact us at


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