Natural Cleaning Tip: Soap Scum

 Natural Cleaning Tip:  Soap Scum


To remove soap scum from shower form a paste with vinegar and salt.  Add paste to cleaning brush and scrub your tub and tile surfaces clean.

Don’t worry about vinegar smell as it will dissipate over time and you will not notice it.

Cleaning with natural ingredients simply requires more patience on the part of the housekeeper.  Natural will work, but you will have to either wait a little longer to see the results or scrub a little harder.  Good News is that your efforts yield a greener, cleaner home.

One thought on “Natural Cleaning Tip: Soap Scum

  1. Neenie

    This REALLY works! I soaked my shower head in a zip loc bag of vinegar and the next morning ALL the scum & lime build up came off very easy.

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